API Enrolpro

API Enrolpro

API stands for Application Programming Interface. It is a technology that enable other applications to interact with our Enrolpro system. Web API is a newer Microsoft framework which helps to build REST based interfaces. The response can be either JSON or XML.

The connection to the Enrolpro web API is through secure and encrypted https connection.


API Functions

Following fuctionality is available:

1, Secure login and security token retrieval

2, List of available Pre-enrolments

3, List of available Enrolments

4, Show Pre-enrolment based on Id

5, Create Pre-enrolment

6, Update Pre-enrolment

7, Delete Pre-enrolment

8, Other functions can be added on request


Moodle Integration

Enrolpro is ready to interact with Moodle web services. We have already built in functionality to connect to existing Moodle web site, obtain security token and execute certain functions through the Moodle web services API. The following functions are currently available in Enrolpro:

1, Login and obtain authentication token

2, Create/Update/Delete user(s)

3, List users

4, Create/Update/Delete Course(s)

5, Create/Update/Delete Enrolments


Enrolpro Cloud

Z&M numerics cloud is located in Albany, Auckland. We are currently hosting several Moodle sites on IIS, Apache and Nginx web servers. We use Windows 2012 servers and Linux Ubuntu servers.